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Monday, June 2, 2014

Toward Omaha

OSU plays Cal Irvine tonight in a big game, with the winner advancing to the Super Regional to play Okie State.

Not ordinarily a college baseball fan, but this time of the year can be darn exciting. I still recall watching the College World Series when the Beavers won back-to-back NCAA titles, 2006-7.  Pretty amazing.

For their part, the Ducks are out of it.  They had unfortunate injuries to their 1 & 2 pitchers to start the season.  It was an uphill battle. Good college pitchers are hard to find because so many of them sign early into the professional game.

Update:  Dang, the Beavs lost.  Number one seed going in, shows you how hard it is to get to the CWS.  A lot of people think this team was every bit as good as the 2006-07 champions.

Baseball is a hot and cold game, every series is a mini-season wrapped in a longer season.  Cal Irvine got hot, OSU cooled.  Oh well...


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