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Thursday, June 12, 2014

RBP World Cup Occasional Blog #1

Takeaways from the first half of the opening game of the 2014 World Cup.  It's 1-1 in Sao  Paulo.

Brazil in their classic yellow jerseys and blue shorts.  Croatia a checkerboard of red and white.  But as if to mock the Brazilians some of the Croats are wearing blue leggings and yellow shoes!!

It all makes for a shock of color.  The new stadium in SP has nice grass, surprisingly, since like all the stadiums for this Cup it is unfinished.

Rumor has it that a couple of the new fields are unplayable.  They'll play anyway.

Brazil fell behind early on a breakaway in which the Croat dribbling the length of the pitch looked like Usain Bolt.  Another Croat filled nicely and when the perfect ball came his way he struck it in stride and beat the goalie.  It looked too easy.

All of Brazil began to mourn, being fatalistic. The government ordered a suicide watch nationwide.

Brazil is flashy, oozing talent.  Croatia is more workman-like.  I'm already rooting for the Croats.

A pair of Englishmen are announcing on my stream, and they're maintaining a nice neutrality.

A goal by Neymar Jr., Brazil's best player, tied it.  Neymar Jr. has the distinction of being the fastest player ever to 30 goals in national team play, beating out Ronaldo and Messi.

The crowd is pensive, waiting for a celebration say the announcers.

Pensive is not a word American announcers would use in describing a crowd at an American football game.

Brazil has a guy who looks like the late Blazer Maurice Lucas.  Could be his doppelganger.  Croatia has several players who look like the late Blazer Drazen Petrovic.

Second half:

The first controversy of the WC.  A bogus yellow card drawn on the Croats!  A massive NBA-like flop sold to the Japanese ref.

Take it to the superintendent.

Neymar Jr. takes the penalty kick...and scores.

If I know futbol this game is over. Brazil 2, Croatia 1.  Brazil is good, but the Croats were robbed.

A late Brazil goal to rub it in.  Oscar!  No hat trick for the amazing Neymar Jr.

This is the Round Bend Press World Cup Occasional Blog, signing off for now.


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