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The wet-dream of the Repubs is no policing of the economy, no regulations whats-so-ever. Basically a black-market where they are free to exploit people, the environment, sell opium whatever.--Charles Lucas

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Soldier Home (Part 1)

Despite 17 years of fighting, dying and killing, there have been no specific declarations of war. Instead, one president after another, and hundreds of derelict-in-their-duty congress members, have simply decided on their own that a vague resolution, rubber-stamped while the rubble in New York was still smoking, authorizes each and every conflict in which America’s soldiers—and many more civilians—continue to die. This AUMF authorized the president to kill or capture those who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, but, well, few of America’s current adversaries had anything to do with that.--Maj.DS

Maj. Danny Sjursen.


Soldier Home (Part 2)

The point of this admittedly unsolicited memo is not to urge the Times to open a bureau in Terre Haute or in the rapidly melting Arctic. Nor am I implying that the paper should tone down its efforts to dismantle the hetero-normative order, empower women, and promote equality for transgender persons. Yet I do want to suggest that obsessing about this administration’s stupefying tomfoolery finds the Times overlooking one particular issue that predates and transcends the Trump Moment. That issue is the normalization of armed conflict, with your writers, editors, and editorial board having tacitly accepted that, for the United States, war has become a permanent condition.--AB

Andrew Bacevich.



I don't have all that much generational ground to stand on myself, but I do want to counsel the kids to beware of something. The Democratic Party election and candidate addicts and operatives always try to wrap themselves around any grass-roots social movements. The idea is to channel the elemental popular energy into the standard, "elite"-coordinated path of an endless get-out-the-vote operation on behalf of some shiny, new, fake-resistance, hope-and-change-promising Democratic contender.

These major party parasites are already dogging the gun sanity kids with voter registration cards and candidate websites and other electoral seductions that have long made the Democratic Party the "graveyard of social movements." Their fake AstroTurf resistance must be resisted.--PS

The Dems as parasites; I like it.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Watching all these tournament basketball games has gotten me fired up to get off the couch and into the gym.

Relive my youth.

I guess my Medicare coverage will foot the membership costs, so why not?  Have to pay out-of-pocket and request reimbursement.  Okay, why not?

Okay, I'll have to get off my ass.  Why not?

I'm talking myself into it.  I'll have to start off slowly...very slowly, and why not?

I do the same thing when I see a great movie.  I tell myself I'll become an actor...why not?

There is no end to my delusions. Dare I ask, why not?

Nah, I think the gym thing is doable.  Signing up soon.


Sunday, March 18, 2018


I'm trying to watch basketball but my WiFi is working like my liver--that is, barely.

I have the senior deal via Xfinity. Bad timing.

I might have to make the big X my Ex.


Saturday, March 17, 2018


This weekend's basketball upsets and humdingers are almost too much for my little brain and central nervous system to comprehend.

This might be the best tourney ever, what with the 1 and 16 upset of Virginia by a school in Baltimore called University of Maryland Baltimore County.

The school's website crashed today after millions tried to log on and figure out who the suspicious victors really are. (Could it be a Russian plot?)

I watched the game.  It was unbelievable.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kids Being the Adults

The kids walked out today.  Good on them.


Slip Sliding Away

Implicit in the First Amendment is a fundamental belief that the governed are far more capable than the government of distinguishing truth from falsehood and that the government’s role is not to regulate the content of the marketplace but to ensure it remains open to all ideas; those true and not… radical or conventional.

That these legislators, their constituents or lobbyists are offended by the content of various stories, opinion pieces or documentaries published or aired by Al Jazeera is of no constitutional moment.  To the contrary, information deemed by some to be offensive propaganda is to others relevant and probative of issues to be contested and resolved in an open and free society.

To be sure, it is the friction between conflicting narratives and opinion that furthers the reach of freedom not dampens it. It is the conflict between voices that not only empowers those who partake in the debate or listen to it but ultimately strengthens society as a whole.

Under the First Amendment, people may elect to embrace or promote “radical” anti-American, anti-Israeli or even anti-Semitic commentary or opinion; it is a choice left to them and them alone.  Neither the government nor any of its minions have the constitutional authority to limit access to information not in itself otherwise prohibited by law.--SLC

This is a first-rate overview of some of the historical First Amendment battles in the U.S.  During our time, when a lunatic president and his uneducated followers, an acquiescent Congress and a nation hypnotized by anti-Russian propaganda are working overtime to silence dissent--well, we must come to grips with the idea that important freedoms are slipping away.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

No Rain, No Rain!

Man, we had a few incredibly nice days here in the great Pacific Northwest.  The weekend and yesterday were terrific.  Plenty of blue sky and mild temps, just like Spring.

Alas, normalcy has returned.  It's raining.  The sky is as grey as my mood. 

Which came first?

(pictured, my home office)


Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018


I think the NCAA basketball selection committee has gone the way of the CFP--that is, into the Stupid Zone.

Hacks are in charge.  Math freaks are in charge, toting their "metrics."

Political characters are in charge.

March Madness, like a 7-foot phenom, is for sale.

Start with the ACC, where 9 teams "earned" tourney berths.  Why?  USC is as good as half of those teams. USC of the PAC-12 was robbed.

There were many robberies, muggings, skulduggery everywhere.

Okie State was spurned after beating darlings Kansas (twice) and Trae Young's OU (twice).  Okie State also beat Florida State, one of the too many SEC teams anointed.

East coast bias has never been more profound than today.

Disgusting.  I've watched a lot of b-ball the last several days.  The March Madness Committee is fucked.

As I type this, the NIT is being announced. That's the tourney to watch this year.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018


After the usual shock and horror, my reaction after hearing about the latest United States mass shooting perpetrated by a demented white male with an assault weapon was, sad to say, “Here we go again.” I waited for the standard cycle to run its depressing course.--PS

You're obliged to read this.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spare Me

The things that will bug me, or otherwise infuriate me, between now and the end of March Madness.

1) Dick Vitale's motormouth and utter shamelessness, his habitual hype.

2) Jennifer Garner's Capital One commercials, which collectively are the worst in advertising history.

3) Joe Lunardi's faux expertise and ignorant bracketology.



Uh oh, I have time management issues popping up again these days.

Need to arrange my schedule around assembling another book of my writings, the basketball tourneys that are in full bloom, reading/research projects, and watching the movies I've checked out of the library.

My computer's ROM drive collapsed a couple of years ago.  I put it off for a long time, but I finally broke down and purchased an external DVD player.

Now there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the things that need be done.  All the things I need to do to feel good about existence, such as it is.

O, woe!


The Real State of the Union

President Trump ordered the Pentagon to start planning a military parade on Veteran’s Day this November. Trump wants to outdo the military parade he attended in France on Bastille Day. Estimates are it could cost up to $50 million. The last military parade was after the Gulf War in 1991.

coalition of groups is organizing to oppose the parade.--KZ--MF

Sign the petition.