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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snow, No Snow

I see tiny white flakes coming down.

They're calling for a snowstorm, freezing rain, high winds.

None of it is happening yet.

Portland panics again!

Seriously, everything is closed down here in Ptown.

UPDATE:  Snowing now.  Almost time to go out and make a snowman or have a snowball fight!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Limited Identity

It seems that many Democrats are determined not to change, not to learn any lessons from the 2016 election.  Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong, they are clinging to denial and self-righteousness.  During the election, “I’m With Her” was used to silence internal opposition.  Gung-ho Democrats dismissed the idea that liberals could have legitimate qualms about full throated support for Hillary because of her war-mongering, close relationship with Wall Street, and only passing concern for the economic struggles of large segments of the population.--ER

This is a righteous essay.

Also it is indicative of why many leftists argue that the Democratic Party is irredeemable.  So many of the party's apparatchiks are tied up in the DP status quo that they'd be committing economic suicide by changing directions.

Look at something as obvious as the way liberals fight poverty. Millions of jobs literally depend on the existence of poverty, just like millions of other jobs depend on perpetual war.  Poverty in other words is institutionalized, right alongside banking, the university system and the military.

Mainstream politics is a fight between those who want to control or profit off the poor and those who would rather ignore them. Poverty assures a pool of soldiers will be there to control the poor who are not militarized--a perfect storm that has terrorized our perceived/manufactured enemies globally for years, and which has come home to roost.

In the name of fighting "terror" we are fighting us.

This is the definition of a quandary, divide and conquer is a capitalistic emoticon. Stress the con.

Unable to confront the harmful effects of our class structure in realistic or meaningful terms--Hillary and her minions' biggest failing--Democrats have nothing to offer but cultural swagger. Dems generally make better movies, write better books, give better lectures, even dance better than Repubs.

They don't mind outcasts, as long as outcasts abide by their rules. Diversity and  multiculturalism are okay, unless they involve a conflict with "national interests," code for the potential obstruction of globalization.

Their wars are now humanitarian.  Their exceptionalism is exceptionally real--to them. The drones hum along; few notice or care, unless profit is the quest.

What they cannot do with either conviction or clarity, even if they wanted to, is alter the class structure and the necessity of economic exploitation, the engine of capitalism.  That would be anathema to their own interests.

So lately Dems talk the game of equality, but they can't play it--here or abroad. That makes them the hypocrites in the equation.

This is why I detest where we are.  This is why I'm bored by it and maintain it must all come down.


Willie Taggart/Give it Time

Kudos to Oregon for hiring an African American coach with a record of turning programs around.

A first for the university in football.

Now we must watch and see if he is as good as his backers say he is, a group including Tony Dungy and the Harbaugh clan.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Moyers Strikes Out

More liberal nonsense.

HRC herself never believed or advocated for half the policies on this wish list. That was to a large degree her problem!

Has she changed her mind about anything? Fuck no, she's still crying, incapable of anything except mourning her miserable campaign while remaining unwilling to admit her inability to tell the truth or confront reality.

What a fantasy world comfortable liberals live in!

The only way the U.S. will be able to deal with its present rise of neofascism is, I dread thinking, through the power of the bullet and hand-to-hand combat in the streets.

A martial crackdown and slaughter of historically immense proportions--a genocide--would surely follow given the absolute power the militarists, inclusive of Trump and the right and neoliberals like HRC and Congress (a fascist cabal), are prepared to use to protect American imperialism and the homegrown colonization of our citizens as reflected through the burgeoning police state.

That said, Moyers isn't about to retire or back off.  Good on him. He's had plenty to offer in his mid and late-years--but this is just silly, even as a joke or satire.

He'll collapse at his computer before quitting-time.

So will I most likely, fighting off this kind of crap.


Warmongers at Work

I’ve devoted my academic career to spotlighting propaganda, writing numerous books on the subject. So it’s more than a little disturbing when I see references to “propaganda” in the corporate press that completely obscure the broader role that manipulation plays in reinforcing domestic political-economic elites’ agendas and in padding the pocketbooks of corporate media conglomerates. Empirical media studies have documented since the 1970s the overwhelming government dominance of the news. Government control of the news is uncontroversially labeled propaganda in dictatorships like North Korea and the old Soviet Union, but when journalists working for private media corporations willingly roll over for government interests, allowing them to monopolize newspapers and the airwaves in favor of their own agendas, we call it “objectivity.”  So it is in an effort to add some sanity to our modern discussion of propaganda that I draw CounterPunch readers’ attention to the longstanding existence of fake news propaganda in U.S. media.--AD

Anthony DiMaggio gets it right.

A little something more just for you.

Something funny, pointed and apropos.


Sunday, December 4, 2016


On Sunday, the first official day of the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock action, thousands of veterans continue to pour into the Oceti Sakowin camp.

The veterans have traveled from all over the United States to protect the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and its supporters from ongoing police violence as the water protectors maintain their peaceful stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"I felt it was our duty to come and stand in front of the guns and the mace and the water and the threat that they pose to these people," Navy veteran Anthony Murtha, who traveled to North Dakota from Detroit, told Reuters.--NK/CD

Water protection is a start, but much more must follow.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Have a Great Weekend

I would advise that you smoke pot and listen to this with real intent over the weekend.

Don't thank me.  Just listen.


Time to Look Ahead

I would have rather bathed in vomit than voted for Hillary Clinton.  I thought that before she astonished the world by losing to Donald Trump, and I have not changed my mind.

That Trump is likely to be an even more awful President than George W. Bush changes nothing.  As of now, for sheer awfulness, the Bush presidency is the gold standard.  It wasn’t just the class war he waged (on the wrong side) or his assaults on civil liberties; Bush broke the Middle East, with consequences that will continue to reverberate for years to come. The Donald could be worse.

Nevertheless, I do not regret not voting for Hillary and trying to persuade others to do the same – not one bit.--AL

Preach it, brother Levine.


RP Thomas


cello splinters

on top of

flat jesus

a boot still on the road

dusty drinks of beer

dog on wood

slowly drifting by

but not you.
                         -- RP Thomas



Thanks to Lee Santa.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

The General and the Fool

The news that President-elect Donald Trump called in disgraced retired Gen. David Petraeus for a job interview as possible Secretary of State tests whether Trump’s experience in hosting “The Celebrity Apprentice” honed his skills for spotting an incompetent phony or not.-- RM

Take it from this one-time insider who knows his stuff.

McGovern is among the most authoritative analysts around. Minted by the U.S. Army and the CIA, he is a more-radical Andrew Bacevich, a reader of tea leaves regarding U.S. foreign policy.

Like CounterPunch's full stable of commies, he has likely earned the Russian propagandist tag in the eyes of the Washington Post and New York Times.

That is, he is critical of where we are.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016


What elevates this theoretical exercise above a parlor game is the deep grief felt by tens of millions of Democrats, especially women. They believe not just that Donald Trump is a disaster, but that the United States will miss out on a great, inspiring leader in Hillary Clinton. For these bereft citizens, Hillary’s departure from the national political scene ranks alongside those of Adlai Stevenson and Al Gore — losing candidates who were clearly superior to the winners, whose loss left America much worse off.

I agree with the Clintonites’ horror-struck reaction to Trump. But are they right about the rest? Have we really lost much with Hillary? Let’s look at what we know, or can assume with reasonable certainty, would have happened under the first few years of Madam President.--TR

This guy always makes sense to me.

The liberal mindset is a tough thing to crack.  If HC had even remotely addressed the actual problems facing the U.S. she might have turned things in her favor.

It falls on her that her own obsessive personal self-aggrandizement and quest for power and riches overran good sense and a persuasive worldview.

No one was more indisposed to confront those realities than HC, however.   Hell, even Trump talked about the issues with more authority, albeit from the wrong angle and with confused and sickening logic.

Bernie made more sense, but he was shouted down by the DNC.

I'm not sad for HC, she ran an awful campaign.  I am sad for a country that can't take the words of MLK to heart.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Story

If you're local or visiting over the holiday be sure to head over to Newberg (not far from Portland) and catch Charles Deemer's funny and poignant "Christmas at the Juniper Tavern," in a production by the Valley Repertory Theatre group.

Read here for the lowdown.

More background on the play and author.


The Ducks are Blue

Unlike the majority of Oregon's loudest fans I still like Helfrich, despite his down season.  I'd keep him around, mainly because I don't see another coach out there who would be a decent replacement.

The deal with coaches is most of them are meatheads.  In the PAC-12 alone you have Jim Mora (huge ego, angry and under-performing), Sonny Dykes, who can't get it done at Cal, and the two Arizona schools' coaches, both vulgar meatheads who stomp around on the sidelines like apes; all have managed to have disastrous seasons just like Oregon's.

If Helfrich is fired, the program will fall even more than it has now. It'll take longer to come back, too.

Update:  Oregon's AD, Rob Mullens, is bungling his job big time as of right now.  Seems to be either a coward or immensely confused, likely a little of both.

Here's the thing.  Some players signed on for next year because they like the staff that is there, despite the onfield struggles this season. Now several of the better recruits are looking elsewhere.

Oregon's unrealistic expectations remind me of national politics, wherein our crazed working men and women (or unemployed men and women) went ahead against all good sense and voted for Trump.

Mullens is kind of a Clinton-like figure, frozen like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

I've never liked Nike's influence on the team.  For that matter I didn't like Chip Kelly as the head man at Oregon, but there's no arguing that he was innovative at the time and could motivate his players.

He won a lot, and should have won a NC in his second year.

Guys like Kelly (during his limited college run), Nick Saban and Urban Meyer of tOSU are pretty rare. The latter two were the right guys at two of the biggest football factories in the history of the game. They took those jobs because they knew they could win there more readily than elsewhere. Oregon isn't in that league, wasn't even with Kelly.

Everyone else in the discussion is marginal.  Everybody has warts.

Here's something to think about.  The Michigan State team that played in the BCS playoff last season fell to 4--8 this year.

People aren't clamoring for Mark Dantonio's head like Oregon's bandwagon fans are dogging Helfrich.

It's a sticky wicket, but this is one time when I think change is unnecessary, and likely stupid over the long haul.

Well, everyone has an opinion, and there you have mine.

I wish Mullens had one, but like someone else wrote today--he's probably waiting for Phil Knight to tell him what to do.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Finale Home Orchestra

This shit is for the birds, dig?