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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Don't Drink and Drive

Five days after his hiring was officially announced by the Oregon Ducks, co-offensive coordinator David Reaves is in the process of being fired after his arrest early Sunday on charges of DUII, reckless driving and reckless endangerment.--AG

This isn't good.



During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump violated some of the sacred tenets of neoliberalism, especially regarding “free trade”. Thus he was disowned by the political establishment of both parties. While his promises of decreased economic inequality will surely prove hollow, that was no reason for swing voters—including white women—to turn to Clinton, whose condescending attitude to the bottom 50% was rightfully perceived as authentic, unlike everything else about her except her warmongering.--DG

The whole truth and noting but the truth.

Seven reasonable things.


The Road Ahead

Aside from committing too many turnovers (19) Oregon looked darn good yesterday in beating Stanford at home in Eugene.

Ahead lies a trip to the Rockies and games against Utah and Colorado.  Oregon's star, Dillon Brooks, may or may not see the floor, but it appears the foot injury he suffered against Cal isn't as serious as first believed.

The Ducks could use him.  Without him Oregon could have trouble if things get tight.



Snowden also talks about whistleblower Chelsea Manning, whose prison term was recently commuted by President Obama; weaknesses in mainstream media; mass surveillance; and the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.

“I think the focus on Trump is a mistake,” Snowden argues. “Faith in elected leaders to fix our problems is the mistake that we keep repeating.”

“When President Obama was elected to the White House, he said all the right things,” Snowden continues. “If we’re hoping for a champion, if we’re waiting for a hero, we’ll be waiting forever.”--ES

This guy has done more good for the U.S. than people realize.  It's time he be pardoned and brought home to live a normal life without harm.

People are silly to believe he is the bad guy when what he did is expose the truth about our spying agencies.


Saturday, January 21, 2017


The protest march here in Portland today was damn near as large as the anti-war protest I marched in prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Ladies of the bourgeois world, gonna take more than you have or are willing to give to stop fascism.

Unless you step up your game of course.  You see, it's not enough to have a good professional job where you feel slighted and gather to march one day and then go home. You must address the war machine that keeps on ticking no matter who holds power.

Address the fascists before they kill you, please.  'Cause seriously, elite politicians and their friends could give a fuck.



Ah ha, I'm giving CBS Access a test on a free trial.

Weekend basketball broadcasts, including the UCLA/Arizona game later today.

Might be a keeper with the bball schedule for the remainder of the season and into March Madness.

At $6 a month this might be more suited to my style and budget than Sling, which I tried earlier.

I'm torn by media options.

Vandy upsets No. 21 Florida.  Unfortunately, the next game isn't available. So the trial may fail.

These companies know how to sap you for every damn dime, don't they?  One thing will never change.

Good old greed will always be with us.


Friday, January 20, 2017

Sponsorship Ending

Interesting fan thread at the 247 Oregon site about the conflation of militarism and football.



Thursday, January 19, 2017


Oregon and Cal tip off at 6 p.m.

Big protests the rest of the week.

I find it hilarious, never mind ironic, that just last year liberals were celebrating this idiot and Trump supporter.

Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but the degree to which liberals strive to elevate identity politics above class is absurd.

All across the world, poor women will be making the motel beds of the participants in the Women's Protests this weekend.

In some critic's eyes my argument that class differences rather than identity is of greater importance will make me a misogynist, or worse, an implicit Trump supporter.

I am neither.  I respect women.

But I think everyone ought to strive for and respect economic equality even more.  We need to move out of our present consumer, identity, class consciousness.

Women, would you want Emma Goldman or Hillary Clinton in your corner when the chips are down?

Naomi Klein or Samantha Power?

A real feminist or a Wall Street shill, regardless of gender?  If you're rich or somehow tied up with wealth, don't answer, you'll expose yourself as a hypocritical fraud no more honest than Trump and Clinton themselves.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Inaugural Events, I'm Sick

I won't watch them, but not solely because I can't stomach Trump.  I wouldn't have watched a Hillary love fest either, and not simply because I can't stomach her either.

In fact, the last time I paid attention to this foul tradition was when Billary Clinton took office. Naturally enough I can't remember what he said in his inaugural address (and I'm not going to look it up).

What I do remember is listening to the music and practically retching at the bullshit pop of Fleetwood Mac, a band much-loved by many a decade or two earlier.

By the time the Clintons moved into the WH Seattle grunge was taking off, and I remember thinking I'd rather listen to Nirvana.

Or Mudhoney.

I seem to have a memory of Bill and Hill trying to dance as well, or maybe that image was from Billary's second tour, just before the Clintons had to be placed in separate bedrooms in the WH because Billary accepted a blowjob from an intern, who talked about it to a friend, who then leaked the story.

I don't know, all of it is kind of sickening to conjure up again, but I would guess that might have been the power couple's last dance for a while.  Not to say that Hills was unaware of Billary's habits, but you could say this one probably came with a tad more humiliation and rancor.

You might have bet on that, despite the couple's joint appearance in front of the cameras and a news broadcaster playing an auxiliary role at the time as a marriage counselor.

O.K., now that I'm down the page a few paragraphs it has come back to me.  I tuned in to hear more about the national health plan the Clintons wanted to jump start out of the gate.  At the time, I like many thought it might happen.  Come to think of it, that is probably why I voted for Billary in the first place.

Indeed, I can't think of another reason I might have voted for him at all.  At least I voted that year, heh.

Well, the health plan didn't happen because the insurance industry wouldn't have anything to do with it at the time, and Congress was its usual bought and sold regressive bane on good sense.  It wouldn't be until years later that Obama, with a nod to Romney's Mass., state-sponsored health plan, figured out a way to balance all the various interests involved and get something rolling.

But back to Billary.  A lot of little things began to take hold, and I could see what started out with promise was going to turn bad fairly quickly for the Dems.  A little deregulation here and there, war, crime bills, new welfare regs, prison enlargement,etc.

Damn, I'm glad those days are over.

Oh, before I forget.  I'm not about to watch the Inaugural Events because I'm like the great Oregon congressman Rep. Peter DeFazio. Like this gracious govrep, I've never been interested in Washington's pomp and circumstance.



(A slightly different version of this piece is up at CounterPunch)

To read and listen to the mainstream media these days you'd think that power and money haven't to this point in U.S. history been connected in even the remotest sense, and Donald Trump’s depth of corruption is unprecedented.

You might believe the U.S. hasn't any history of profiteering in the halls of Congress, or in the office of the presidency itself. Trump represents the fall, the sudden collapse of virtue, and the end of sweet, leveling democratic values as we once knew them.

What has happened to our democracy!?  It was so fine until yesterday, wasn’t it?

So goes the ingrained narrative delivered from the mainstream to Main Street in the time of Trump.

Like everything in popular culture the narrative is seized, built up, and torn down for the explicit purpose of making money.

Are we to believe that to this point the system has been kind to everyone, because the playing field was level and uncorrupted until the very moment Trump's greed and ability to manipulate the media made him electable?

Political thieves are legion and they’ve always been with us, and ethics have historically been slow on the uptick.  Ethics are like condoms; you use them when you’re concerned something bad might happen if you don’t.

That’s correct; ethics are like prophylactics.  Many politicians don’t use them until they need to. Then they’re easy to toss, if messy at times.

We know Trump is not the smartest or subtlest politician to ever seek the golden crown (or, allegedly, a golden shower), but he is far from being alone among the corrupt seeking profit from their offices. He’s just more inclined to go for it right now, transparently and in full-throttle, while most others wait for the best moment to cash in postpartum.

Let us be frank about this and not kid ourselves. Money is power. Power is money. Our so-called democracy is bought and used for the main purpose of protecting dickheads. If the rabble gets anything out of governance it’s usually of lesser value than what the dickheads get.

Some of our more obvious crooked politicians, on too-few glorious days, might end up in jail if they forget to wear their prophylactics while attempting to protect the interests of their elite friends while spewing all over the rest of us.

Even so, the justice app has always stopped short of the executive branch at the national level, where the dickheads are wrapped in the best prophylactics money can buy.

Presidents and their inner circles have historically been too big to fail, discounting Spiro Agnew under Nixon, who was such an enormous dickhead that not even the best prophylactic in the world could protect him.

The near-miss on Nixon himself wasn't good enough to break our insane habit of letting the biggest dickheads squirm away.  His prophylactic burst, but he pulled out just in time.  Before him Andrew Johnson was impeached but not convicted, because even some rudimentary prototype of the modern prophylactic worked miraculously for him.

Clinton was impeached for accepting a blow job in the Oval Office and then lying about it. With the citizenry’s sense of moral outrage sparked, Clinton was lucky to have friends in the Senate and dodged a conviction.  He took his prophylactic off at the wrong time and the truth leaked out.

Clinton was very big, way too big to fail.

But a blow job in the O.V. was small stuff compared to Clinton’s real legacy of viciously regenerating a quiet arms trade in a time of corporate need.  Bombs dropped must be repurchased, etc.; that is the only way arms manufacturers, some of the biggest protected dickheads around, can survive.

Fortunately for Clinton, bomb-making is not illegal among powerful nation-states who want to rub out other less-powerful dickheads around the world.

Corruption isn’t all about presidential politics, of course; it’s pervasive throughout the political system. Witness the number of state governors who have failed to use protection in Illinois alone!
Governors are frequently not too big to fail.  They sometimes forget to use a prophylactic when they need one the most.

A few legislators here and there have also been put up as an example of our exceptional prophylactic-like judicial system, but mainly for show evidently, because others have fallen through the cracks and escaped jail time—like the prophylactic has magical powers.

The thickest chasm of injustice happens to belong to the Bush administration, led by perhaps the most despicable war profiteer and biggest dick of them all—Dick Cheney.

He was certainly too big to fail, and also too big for his britches, like an over-sized codpiece.

The entire chorus surrounding Bush should have been jailed, but thanks to the great healer Obama, America’s best prophylactic post-Bush, what should have happened didn’t.

No justice needed, he said, because he didn’t want to harm the country, thereby harming reality instead.

The executive branch of the U.S. is one gigantic prophylactic. Scooter Libby was convicted of perjury for instance, before Bush pardoned him, which made Bush himself a condom.

Libby was fined 250K, a drop in the bucket.  Money too is a prophylactic.

Cheney is one example of what you can do if you’re smart, evil and properly protected. He used exceptionally crafted propaganda and kept his braggadocio in check, though his libido ran wild, which happens when one gets a hard on for war.  He mastered the few ethics rules that exist by creating just enough scare-smoke to obscure the view for the silent and complacent majority.

He used the threat of terrorism as a prophylactic, making his man-love of war ethical; suddenly protected, everyone felt safer and freer than ever.

With the terrorists at the gate and the WMD about to be launched at us at any minute, the Bushies needed to move pronto.  Lying and plausible deniability became super-safe prophylactics, necessary to prevent the mushroom cloud from seeding our loins.

As the lie evolved, Cheney was there to save the United States, not to take its treasure for the company, Halliburton, which had been very good to him. He carefully placed condoms around the big dickheads who made him richer than ever.

It’s a proven fact.  Hold a high office, play it right, and you will not be forgotten by those counting the beans or creating the speech-making roster in subsequent years.

This is how the Clintons finally achieved their chief goal of becoming rich.  The Clinton Foundation is a prophylactic, meeting all the ethics requirements an ex-prez and his failed wife need to live until the happy end.

We'll see what happens next in the coming months.


Stuck in 1963, Or Taking the Cold War Bait

CD says I can be "engaging in a thoughtful way" when I take time off from bashing Hillary.

Thanks, I guess...gee...

Extraordinary, because I haven't bashed her in over a week!  There surely must be other reasons why I am so infrequently riveting! (pause) Okay, I can't think of one.

This is not to say I shouldn't have bashed the old fraud a little more since Jan. 7, my last post to mention her by name, because she deserves a good bashing.  I'd do it every day if I had the energy, or thought it important enough.  What I have done in the main for months is post links to writing that says it better than I can, some hardcore logicians cranking out the good anti-DNC stuff.

True, I've written my own sacred texts in the past, here and here, but they're small potatoes.

The writers I cite are a lot rougher on old Hills than I am, believe me, but I have no idea if anyone who visits me bothers to read them after I go to considerable pains to give my readers what they need to know.

Were such the case, were I a great man, and everyone jumped aboard, it would be edifying for all I'm sure, and no doubt improve our political discourse all around!  I know I get a tickle out of what I do, and what I study, and a bonus would be that we would no longer have to put up with candidates who are empty-headed frauds in the first place!  Well, in theory...

The dimwit Hillary offered nothing, which is why she lost.  It wasn't the Rooskies, it wasn't the deplorables, it wasn't the "vast right-wing conspiracy," it was her own lack of judgment about the union we call the U.S., her preening selfishness and disengagement from the issues facing our citizenry now.

Her hubris. (Cackle, cackle.)  She had a lot of help along the way, but not enough and certainly not from me.  Thanks CD, you helped give us Trump you bastard!

She couldn't whip a neofascist, and therein lies the rub.  They were too much alike as the quacks barked at each other like lapdogs without saying anything in three horrid nationally televised appearances before a series of millionaire broadcasters drunk on their own self-important irrelevancy.

CD fell into the lesser-evil netherworld about the time he started bashing Bernie Sanders in the primary race; he likes Hillary, I don't.

I don't get it, I guess.  Am I being blamed for something bad because I dislike a certain politician or two?

I hope not, because that makes as much sense as the moron-elect himself, never mind the bitch wars going on in the media about the role of Russia in undermining an election that was pure bullshit from the beginning.

But let's be reasonable here for a moment.  I wrote an entire post without linking once to the greatest bastion of U.S. journalism there is.  I won't even look at the headline:  Here it is!

Well, what do you know.  Somehow I don't think Hillary would approve.



Football boot camp started at the University of Oregon after the holiday break, and a few players are paying the price.

The coaches are playing a dangerous game with the health of their players.

This nonsense better be resolved quickly, better not happen again, or I'll be forced to do something I've never even considered before--that is call for a coaching change right now.

I've never made the call after a losing season, because I've always watched Oregon play regardless of their talent level year in and year out, and it doesn't matter too much to me how a season goes.  Sure, I like to see the wins, but I don't go off the rails if the team loses and has a poor season like the one just finished.

But this is the sort of thing that pisses me off.

Football has enough militarism in it already without this kind of macho posing.  Working players until they get sick is beyond the pale.

It's plain as day what happened.  The three that ended up hospitalized were not in great shape coming in.  Anybody who has ever exercised knows you can't get it back in a day, or even ten. You must build it up slowly until you return to peak levels.

More importantly, the coaches leading those exercises have to be alert to what condition the individual players are in.  You can't herd them together and expect everybody to be on the same level, because that never happens.  There are way too many variables in the process.

What happened?   Under Willie Taggart and the new staff at Oregon the pressure is on to impress, indeed to keep schollies, to "do something."  These players were feeling something they shouldn't have, and an escape route needed to be there for them that wasn't a total threat to their careers and educations.  Some of the blame may be theirs, of course, but if the lax culture everybody is saying developed under Helfrich was problematic, what good is an adjustment to something plainly more dangerous?

Good lord, the game is dangerous enough as it is.

The strength coach is pushing people.  Fine, but Sarg, rein it in before somebody dies for a stupid game, not in a freakish play on the field but in your training facility where you supposedly have control of the proceedings.

I hope these players recover and can return to the team if they want to. If they don't want to, I would expect to hear the taunts of Oregon's worst fans, but as usual I say screw them.

UPDATE:  Oregon has suspended the S&C coach and WT has apologized.  Knuckleheads all over the internet are upset with the "pussies."


Monday, January 16, 2017

The Blooming of a Radical

The best of MLK.

These are not the ordinary white-liberal, garden-variety quotes that help assuage the guilt created by our ongoing national legacy of white-male supremacy. The image Americans want to keep of King as a gatherer rather than a hunter/revolutionary is strong medicine, the only attribute that allowed him his "national day" of honor.

Racism and imperialism don't go away just because you might wish them away, a difficult thing to imagine for career politicians and elites who thrive on divisiveness and exploitation.  (Can you imagine if a vote on a King holiday would come up in Congress today?  It wouldn't have a chance.)

I doubt the radical King would have been pleased with Obama, never mind the assorted racists who live at the top elsewhere in the U.S. Government.

In the months before his assassination, MLK was taking risks he knew would likely doom him.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Replacing the Circus

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced Saturday night that it would hold its final performance in May, a victory for animal rights activists who have battled the show for decades.--CD

It's okay, business wouldn't have survived the coming circus anyway, where the clowns and pigs will steal the show, beginning on Friday.

You can thank big media for giving the asshole carte blanche coverage and a free ticket to the Big Tent.