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There comes a time in every epoch when pragmatism simply evolves into extreme acquiescence and surrender to the forces of apathy and do-nothingness, a guarantor of the status quo in all of its easy, democratic criminality--its fortress of greed. You could line up all the pols in the U.S. in a straight row and examine them head to toe and not find a single man or woman capable of admitting, never mind ending, the corruption of their vocation--Buddy Dooley

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Great lunch yesterday:

Slice of 8" Kangaroo flatbread
1 tbsp pizza sauce
10 slices pepperoni (or favorite meat)
2 sliced mushrooms (favorite variety)
1/4 cup blended cheeses (be sure it includes mozzarella)
Diced onion (to taste)
Sliced black olives (to taste)

While heating the flatbread over medium heat  in a lightly oiled pan slather it with the pizza sauce. Evenly distribute the pepperoni, mushroom slices, olives and onion atop the sauce, cover with the cheese blend.

Heat until cheese is melted and the flatbread is crisp and brown on the bottom.

Cost of ingredients=$1.00.

Satisfaction level=infinite.  I could have eaten two.

Be careful not to eat all of your ingredients before the pie is ready. I'm out of olives and low on pepperoni because I stole from my pizza-ingredients stash as the pie cooked.  Like that extra beer or toke, it's a bad compulsion and can ruin the budget.


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