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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Flood

If you lived in Oregon 20 years ago, you remember this.

What I remember most was the shock of seeing Oregon City submerged.  And my friend Char's house being inundated with deep mud when the hillside behind her place collapsed.

It was a nice little cottage over in the Macadam neighborhood that she'd purchased the year before for 40K, which was an amazing price for that time. Of course once we got the mud out of the place it was still uninhabitable.  A few days or weeks later along came a wealthy Californian looking at damaged properties, which he knew he could buy and rehab as an investment.

He offered Char 100K cash on the spot. She grabbed it in a heartbeat, turning her tears to laughter. She moved to Long Beach, WA and bought a dream cottage near the beach.

She became one of the lucky ones.


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