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Monday, February 1, 2016


With the expansive NCAA men's tourney looming in March, it's sort of meaningless, but the Ducks are again a top 20 team according to the AP writers, coming in at 16 this week.

It's a perception problem; the more wins a team has the higher its seed will be when the selection committee brackets the tourney.  If they win the conference the Ducks will likely be slotted with a decent seed and get to play a supposed cupcake.

It's still a big if, though. With 5 of the next 7 coming to Eugene, Oregon appears to be in control of its destiny, but what can you reliably count on?  Not much.

Problem.  There are no cupcakes, particularly this year, and there isn't one overwhelmingly superior team like there has been in recent years with Kentucky's supply chain of one-and-done phenoms.

This year's tourney will be as wide-open as any I can recall lately. The parity is insane across the board, not just in the Pac-12.

More than ever, the right bounce and the lucky shot will count.

The Ducks have a revenge shot against Colorado on Thursday.  They lost in Boulder a couple of weeks ago.

Oregon isn't very deep.  The Ducks must stay healthy (and out of trouble).  We'll see...


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