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Monday, February 8, 2016


Hillary Clinton has not “fought for racial justice” her entire life — she has disrespected and betrayed Americans of color.

Furthermore, Clinton has flip-flopped on a myriad of issues including immigration, the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, gay marriage, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, NAFTA, the Keystone pipeline, and gun control, always becoming more liberal as time goes on, and evolving, rather than fighting, “every step along the way.”

On foreign policy, Clinton is often called a war hawk — not exactly a progressive thing to be.

Poor Hillary is getting beaten up by the know-nothing ideologues on the left.

She's no Emma Goldman.  That's the latest rumor, anyway.

Ted Rall doesn't think so either.

Nor does Lauren McCauley.

Meanwhile, Katrina vanden Huevel has some advice for Benie.

Ha, ha, what a season.


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