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Saturday, February 6, 2016


I'm unhappy when my friends and relatives die of gunfire as well.

My friend Ricky Bloomquist died accidentally when the hunting rifle he was "cleaning" discharged when we were in the fifth grade.

My cousin Steve Farber died when his hunting partner, another cousin, shot him accidentally during a trip into the Cascades.

My childhood and high school buddy Rick Brown was shot in a drug deal gone bad, in 1977.

A friend of mine may have committed suicide by cop in 2005, or he may have been killed in cold blood by a Portland SERT.  We don't know.

Here's the deal about armed revolution and weaponry.  If you do not surpass the "enemy" in terms of strategy, firepower and sheer numbers, you will be defeated.

In the US we have a glimmer of hope that change might come through the ballot box.  That is all.

If you don't like the America you live in, change it by organizing your people into a legitimate force that can strike back.

The armed cowboy militia isn't a viable option.


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