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Sunday, February 7, 2016


Denver is up on Carolina at the half in the Stupor Bowl, and boy is that the correct handle!

I'm here, rather than there, and I refuse to watch the halftime show, the unpalatable extravaganza which is the epitome of over-hyped excess in this show every year.

So this year the powers ditched the Roman numeral for the game.  I didn't realize that was on the ticket until recently.  I lost track of the numerical designation after Super Bowl XXX because I never bothered to memorize the entire old system, so it was probably a good thing for me.

I guess "L" looked too lonely for the top brass.  Next year the powers will risk confusing LI with the old poet Li Po, won't they?

Gotta kill some more time until halftime is over.  Should take a long walk like Billy Lynn.


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