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Thursday, November 10, 2016


In short, since 1992, I have watched as you have transformed a current of social thought once rooted in that most basic an necessary human sentiment—empathy—into a badge of cultural and educational superiority.  And because feeling good about yourself was much more important to you than actually helping the afflicted, you signed off, in greater or lesser measure to almost all of the life-sapping and dignity-robbing measures of the authoritarian right.--TH

I find it interesting, fascinating really, that liberals are (might be if they're not simply mourning Clinton) suddenly paying attention to what is going on. The unrest in the streets is a welcomed thing to see, if somewhat belated and naive.

(Not as many as were in the street to celebrate the Cubs; people have their priorities after all.)

People, many for the first time in their lives, are confronting the essence of struggle and the limitations of the oligarchical paradigm that they have been suckered into believing is democracy--have indeed willfully embraced it like robots.

This country slipped into neofascism long ago. The oppressed already knew this--the poor, the marginalized and the ignored, all the groups liberals proposed to uplift while crushing them like cockroaches.  The police state, the surveillance state, the militarists--Clinton is a shining star--all of them have us by the crotch.

Not to defend groping, but people are being groped and not even realizing it!

Maybe they'll read a goddamned book now.  Put down the trash.  Pick up something meaningful. A history book.  A book of philosophy. Something in the sciences.

It is not just Trump that is a threat, however. Clinton was not the answer, but rather a big part of the problem. She would have been a momentary functionary, a blip on the TV screen, a neofascist in disguise. Then she would have passed the torch to another jackass. And another.  On and on, as it has been working for many years.

The entire apparatus must come down. Quit crying and fight the powers that created this lie.

My fellow citizens...

If you don't like the way things are, strike.

You may have to fight in the streets, even if you don't want to, even if you are afraid.  Only you can determine to what degree you should become part of the resistance--what you're capable of doing.

Nobody is going to  tell you how to do it or what to do.

You may die.

It happens.

Do you see it now, America?  Your freedom is at stake.

America, welcome to reality--finally.


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