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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America's Games

The Oregon Ducks are as dazed this season as the Democratic National Committee.

The Ducks, like the DNC, have some 'splainin' to do. Arrogance and abysmal talent brought both down to size this season.

That said, this failed old prognosticator (I wrote repeatedly that Clinton would win in spite of herself) is going out on the limb one more time before he goes off to protest the Trump takeover.

I'm calling Oregon in an upset of Stanford in Eugene on Saturday. (Note: the only prediction re: the Ducks I've been wrong with this year is the Colorado game. I had no idea how good Colorado would be.)

(Conversely, I'm not counting on the DNC to confront reality any time soon.)

I started crying after that one, just like the Clintonites after the Midwest Deplorables (formerly the 47 Percenters) kicked their fannies yesterday.

Oregon and the US are both in a rebuilding mode now.  One thing we do know.  Oregon's fall from grace happened a lot faster than the DNC's.

The Dems have been working hard for 30 years to get to this place.

Oregon did it in a couple of years.


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