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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reality Problems/First Idiot

Wacko Jill Stein supporters own a piece of this. Congratulations, assholes. Lesser evil is still lesser evil.--Alison Hedges at CommonDreams.

Below, the first reasonable response (couldn't have said it better myself).

You do not have a clue as to what happened. Please give the States where the Greens pulled enough votes from Clinton to flip it to trump.

The margin of Trumps victories in the key states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania was greater than the total amount of votes cast for Stein.

Indeed I could not find a single State where the Greens made a difference. In fact in everyone of those States, the Libertarians gained more votes than did the Greens and if it were not for the Libertarians more states would have been won by Trump.

I suggest you study the facts before posting such nonsense. The Democrats lost because the Candidate they offered up was corrupt and did not appeal to the left.

This is purely on the "assholes" at the DNC and the Clinton camp.--SuspiraDeProfundis

Of course to be fair, Alison is merely questioning the gall anyone could have conjured to vote for a candidate other than her gal.  Darn, it's a mean old world.


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