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Monday, November 28, 2016

The Ducks are Blue

Unlike the majority of Oregon's loudest fans I still like Helfrich, despite his down season.  I'd keep him around, mainly because I don't see another coach out there who would be a decent replacement.

The deal with coaches is most of them are meatheads.  In the PAC-12 alone you have Jim Mora (huge ego, angry and under-performing), Sonny Dykes, who can't get it done at Cal, and the two Arizona schools' coaches, both vulgar meatheads who stomp around on the sidelines like apes; all have managed to have disastrous seasons just like Oregon's.

If Helfrich is fired, the program will fall even more than it has now. It'll take longer to come back, too.

Update:  Oregon's AD, Rob Mullens, is bungling his job big time as of right now.  Seems to be either a coward or immensely confused, likely a little of both.

Here's the thing.  Some players signed on for next year because they like the staff that is there, despite the onfield struggles this season. Now several of the better recruits are looking elsewhere.

Oregon's unrealistic expectations remind me of national politics, wherein our crazed working men and women (or unemployed men and women) went ahead against all good sense and voted for Trump.

Mullens is kind of a Clinton-like figure, frozen like a deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

I've never liked Nike's influence on the team.  For that matter I didn't like Chip Kelly as the head man at Oregon, but there's no arguing that he was innovative at the time and could motivate his players.

He won a lot, and should have won a NC in his second year.

Guys like Kelly (during his limited college run), Nick Saban and Urban Meyer of tOSU are pretty rare. The latter two were the right guys at two of the biggest football factories in the history of the game. They took those jobs because they knew they could win there more readily than elsewhere. Oregon isn't in that league, wasn't even with Kelly.

Everyone else in the discussion is marginal.  Everybody has warts.

Here's something to think about.  The Michigan State team that played in the BCS playoff last season fell to 4--8 this year.

People aren't clamoring for Mark Dantonio's head like Oregon's bandwagon fans are dogging Helfrich.

It's a sticky wicket, but this is one time when I think change is unnecessary, and likely stupid over the long haul.

Well, everyone has an opinion, and there you have mine.

I wish Mullens had one, but like someone else wrote today--he's probably waiting for Phil Knight to tell him what to do.


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