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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


IP troubles continue, all day yesterday and now.  Searching for a clue.

At the senior center this morning, which is cool.  But who doesn't appreciate the sanctity of thee pad when online?

Working on a project for my grandson's second grade geography lessons. Evidently there's a book for young readers called "Flat Stanley." The kid has a chalkboard fall on him in class one day.  Unhurt, he is however flattened. His parents take the opportunity then to send him off in an envelope to visit relatives all over the country.

My grandson's flattened likeness arrived a couple of days ago.  Been shooting pics of him with Portland sites in the background.

His class will present the results in a display until Christmas break, talk about where their classmates' families come from, what those places are like, etc.

Cool?  I like.



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