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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I've caught several of these programs from On The Media.

Highly recommended. Listening to them, I was constantly struck by how far afield our national discourse has meandered from common sense to complete idiocy.  OTM does a great job with the material.

Needless to say, the Dems and Repubs at the highest levels of command don't talk about this stuff. The Hillary and Trump voters remain clueless, often willingly, of course.

Give a few bucks to United Way and you're good for another year. Write a screed to the local papers that is anti-Black Lives Matter! You're good to go.

"Change, not charity," cried Alinsky, to no avail.

Poverty is a growing fragment of the planned economy, has been here in the US since our founding. And what are the major repercussions of such policy, aside from lining our current corporatists' pockets and annihilating nearly half the populous?

Why, a degraded environment, of course, which fits nicely into the niche of national irrationalism that indeed makes us exceptional--just not in the way Trump, Clinton and Obama and their brethren envision it.

Bernie half-assed tried to speak to truth (he's a militarist as bad as the others), but was shouted down by the media and centrists who remain convinced, conveniently for them, that nothing can be done. Pragmatism is an increasingly foul-smelling dead horse rotting in the degraded pasture.

Of course people will go on beating it to a pulp, amid the carbon emissions.

Stein is on her own and deserves my support now, for she is the only candidate willing to touch the subjects.  She earned my vote by being the brightest broad in the room. (See what I did there? Layers of meaning and innuendo fucking with your gender politics!)

Here's an essay from the weekend that mulls our denial.

And another somewhat related piece.

Seriously, listen to all of the pods if you haven't done so yet. Read the articles.


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