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Friday, June 24, 2016

The Right Wing

Want to shut him up?

Use this ruse.

Works every time (excepting Cheney).

Scene:  Combined Cabinet and CFR Meeting

Bernie:  I'd like to say something.
Hillary:  What now, bumble bag?
Bernie:  I'm sorry, am I out of place?
Hillary:  When have you not been, creep?
Bernie:  Should I go greet the church ladies in the garden then?
Hillary:  Now would be a good time, farty pants.


Bernie: I'm sorry, Hilly.
Hillary: You irrelevant little twerp.  Bill, get him out of here.
Bill:  Will do honey cakes.
Hillary:  Thanks sweetie pie.
Henry:  Well done, Hills.
Cheney: Indeed, Hilly.  That's some real authority there, gal.

(Bill leads Bernie out of the meeting.)

Bernie:  I protest!  I voted for you!

(Everybody laughs.)

Blackout:  The play is over


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