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An empty shell as president, a torturer running the secret government, Education run by a privileged amateur, and the EPA pivoted to environmental destruction for pay, I’d say America is actually sporting a government that is representative of the American government.--Upthepeople/CommonDreams

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Celebrating Women

Changa, an African American attorney, mother, and volunteer with Women for Bernie Sanders, recently explained to the Guardian, "Some women I encounter act as if I’ve betrayed some kind of secret society. I reject this brand of feminism. I’m not only voting for my gender, I’m voting for other issues."

"There are a lot of issues that affect low-income women, immigrant women and women of color that her brand of doing things is not going to address," she added--LM

Let's hear it for Naomi Klein and others who think Clinton is not all of that.

A segment of the Great CD-TS Chasm is up at CounterPunch.

Don't worry, it's mild stuff, albeit riddled with name-calling and twists of the knife.

It'll be the last of it.  CD has called for an armistice.


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