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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bloodline, Season 2

Damn, the second season of "Bloodline" is unbelievably good.

This Netflix original blows them all out of the water--literally if you're following the scenarists.

I first fell in love with Sissy Spacek when she acted in the film and sang the soundtrack to "Coalminer's Daughter" decades ago.

Her performance as the matriarch of a truly messed up Florida Keys family in "Bloodline" is one of the best I've ever seen from an actor. As they say on the critics' pages, she is "mesmerizing."

All of the cast is.

Everything about the series, the writing, pacing, acting, storytelling, photography, editing, the shebang, is just incredible.  Pure artistry at the pinnacle.

The finest procedural crime thriller I've ever had pleasure to watch. Debased, unexpurgated escapism, but so well done it doesn't have a close second from my certainly limited POV.

Bravo!  I splurged for a month to watch this.  Best entertainment ticket I've ever purchased.


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