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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Shut Up, Liz, You Moron

Tawdry, cheap bullshit.  Warren has entered the circus full-throttle as HC's hatchet girl.  Some role?!

Does she have a clue she's preaching to the choir?

I feel like I'm in a loop machine with the most distasteful cheap rhetoric imaginable cascading down on me, a quiet victim in the vacuum of the street having to listen to a carnival barker, aka the corporate media pushing Liz front and center.

Like, really center.

Talk about exploitation of the moment.  Naturally the equally tawdry website, which once claimed it would never treat Trump as anything more than an entertainment, is all in with this trash.

The HP was never my cup of tea (I was banned long ago for mocking one of Arianna's obnoxious self-help pieces), so what it does isn't surprising or out of the ordinary, and I can't say it has disappointed me.

But what a disappointment Warren has turned into.


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