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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Run Green, Bernie, Run!

As I assume you are aware, the Green Party is already on the ballot in 21 states having a total of 310 electoral votes, which is 40 more than the 270 needed to win the presidency. The party is reportedly working hard to get on a number of other state lines too in time for November’s election and is already close to having 25 states with another 60 electoral votes. They’re not stopping there (and would do even better with some of your campaign money to pay for lawyers and petition gatherers). If you got that nomination, you’d be well on your way to being a viable national third-party candidate, and could work to get on the ballots of other critical states. This could be done in some states by getting smaller state parties, for example Peace & Freedom or the Working People’s Party to nominate you, and where no other option exists by fighting to get listed as an independent candidate.

Could you win in such a five-way race? I believe that in this unprecedented political environment, running against two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who have the highest negative polling numbers in the history of polls, you could indeed win. You start with the more than 10 million people who’ve already voted for you once in the primaries (who would surely vote for you again in November), and since you have already run in all 50 states, your name recognition is as high as it could possibly be. Unlike Ralph Nader in his campaigns, you are virtually guaranteed as a third-party candidate to be included in the nationally televised debates in the fall, which will only increase your chances of winning. And you know you will be deluged with campaign funds from your backers in even greater amounts than during the primaries if you are running for the White House for real in the general election.--DL

Now here is the kind of thinking I like.

But is Bernie too much of a weenie?  The answer to that is obviously yes.  Good luck telling 10 million to vote Hillary.  Half of them won't vote because they'll be pissed and despise the Queen.  A quarter of them will vote Green. Some will vote Trump.  HC and the Libertarians will garner a few.

Democratic Party "unity" won't happen, thankfully.

And Hillary will still win in a landslide because the corporate moderates who might have voted for a decent GOP candidate will join her faithful faux progressives, her privileged "feminists" and her Wall Street overseers, carrying her to the White House--the Clintons returning to power, just like their nemesis Putin and his family returned to the Kremlin after a few years of constitutionally chartered exile.

We have quite a unique coalition now, and well-planned from the start.  Put up 17 idiots from the right, let them embarrass themselves and the country in a cheap, televised mud fight to the point of absurdity, and then make the move.  Build up the military, close in on the devils, wherever they are.

Follow the money, as they say in the crime novels, and you'll discover the truth.

Hillary Clinton is the de facto Dempublican, the monstrous head of the duopoly.

Up with the Red Lipstick Revolution!

Sad.  It could have been the Greening of America.


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