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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Caveman's Song

You cannot turn a blind eye to the savagery of capitalism
Nor claim humanitarianism with guns blazing and “Mother”
Tattooed on your forearms as you set fire to the basalt and
Sod caves of the oppressed here and in the Mid World

You cannot pick the flowers that do not belong to you
Before reading the secret code blackened hearts traced
On cave walls while mourning loss and despising you
For your arrogance and ignorance of cultural caveness

You cannot speak of freedom while building pipelines
Through ancestral cavelands and putting more nails into the
Coffins of the cavemen you have labeled your enemies
Because they do not devote themselves to your sensibilities

You cannot uplift as you are tearing down the traditions
Of the village and the cave dwellers who haven’t money to
Buy the things they do not need to satisfy your urge to
Climb ahead on the Forbes list and create a personal legacy

You cannot continuously claim you are better than others
Who dance differently in ceremonies unaffiliated with
The television programming you have discussed at the
Water cooler with fellow cavemen as you pencil things out

You cannot obfuscate and rearrange and consult and grow
The business that is destructive to the community you are
Desirous of bringing out of the cave age in order to seize
The markets you covet in your global reach for cave lust

You cannot build up your forces to continue down the path
Of the righteousness you have claimed to be yours when
You pray to a God you have deemed holy by the purchase
Of His cave and your faith borne of delusions and decay

You cannot make a case for justice when you are yourself
Unjust and  multitudes are incarcerated for poverty and
Petty crimes which pale in comparison to your syndicated
Theft of everything imaginable in the forgotten cave world

You cannot beseech others under the threat of the cudgel
Which you keep in a belt tied to your waist like the cavemen
Who keep stones at the ready in loaded slingshots that do
No harm to the beasts with their hunger for flesh and bones

You cannot turn the tables on the solitary cavemen among us
Though you may try again and again to bring us into the failed
Fold of your imperium as has been proven time and again and
Forever in the cave history you're awed by yet have so sadly lost


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