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There comes a time in every epoch when pragmatism simply evolves into extreme acquiescence and surrender to the forces of apathy and do-nothingness, a guarantor of the status quo in all of its easy, democratic criminality--its fortress of greed.--TL Simons

Friday, June 10, 2016

Just Say No

I don't know if it would help bring Sandernistas to the love shack, but it would certainly benefit Clinton down the road to have one less potential adversary in the Senate when Madam commences to lock and load, rock and roll, and drop a dose of shock and awe on Russia.

Don't do it Liz.  The VEEP'S job is to entertain with clownish performances outside in the rain when the church ladies show up for guided tours of the rose gardens.

At least that's what Biden was last seen doing. Or was it Dan Quayle? They're difficult to tell apart.


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