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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Play Nine or STFU

Goodness, what a boring football lineup for the bowl season.

Has a one-loss team with two of the luckiest last-second wins in games it was better positioned to lose ever been in the title game before?

Why Auburn?  Why not Baylor?  Why not Michigan State?  The latter two might give FSU a game, but we'll never know.

Personally, I think Stanford is the best team in the country right now. FSU is number two, Alabama is number three, and Baylor is number four.  MSU is number five.

Stanford, in this group, has two losses, but so what?  It has the best defense in the country by far and plays in a conference that counts nine games.

Auburn's counts eight.  That means Auburn gets an extra patsy--four in all--on its schedule.  This is the way the SEC works, via a process of avoidance.

This development is a farce, and a fitting end to the BCS era. Unfortunately, a four-team playoff commencing next year will be just as stupid.

Condi Rice will be calling the shots, so we know it'll have legitimacy...right.

Re: Oregon, I'm with Huff and DAT on this one.  The Alamo Bowl is a drag. Who cares?

If I can pull myself out of bed by four in the afternoon on the 30th, I'll probably tune in.

If not, I'll just keep reading or scratching my balls.

But I wish I was a Beaver fan.  OSU is going to Hawaii to play a meaningless game.  I'd like to hitch a ride.


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