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Thursday, December 5, 2013

100 Cities and Growing?

In New York City the average pay for fast-food workers is slightly under $9 an hour.

How in the hell does a person pay the rent in the NYC vicinity on that paltry wage? It's hard enough in Portland, where rents are considerably cheaper, but Oregon also has a state-mandated minimum wage that is a little higher than New York's.

In fact, Oregon and Washington both have higher mandates, the two most progressive in the land I believe--let's hear it for the good old Pacific Northwest! Rah! Rah!

It still ain't enough.

I wonder if  PNW Mac and Wendy workers will follow suit in this as a show of solidarity?

I buy fast food about once a year these days, but awhile back I lived very close to a Burger King and ate there too often.

I actually liked their burgers, something I can't say about most of the chain stores, though when I was a kid I was hooked on Dairy Queen.

Does DQ still exist?  Can't remember what the big burger was called, but it was substantial, and washed down with a delicious chocolate shake it was first-rate.

Or so it seemed at the time.

Anyway, the big-picture is clear.  Many fast-food workers must rely on food stamps to make ends meet, and you know what that is, right?

That is correct--corporate welfare.



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