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Friday, December 6, 2013

John Green

If you haven't seen these, watch all 42 segments.  It starts a little slow, but eventually the series' creator, John Green, finds his rhythm and the show begins to sparkle visually and intellectually.

Green, a children's book author and educator, and his high school history teacher, Raoul Meyer, collaborated on the scripts each week before John took over as the front man in this running comedy full of historicity, gags and subtle insight.

It is fast-paced, so pay attention.  Go back to recover what you've missed if you have to.

Much more enlightening than your average sitcom or movie of the week, this is an example of how our tech world can really do something positive in a crunch.

In fact, historians in schools everywhere are using these to augment their instruction. It's an overview, of course, which means the individual, advanced and specialized historian may find it lacking in his/her field, but its purpose is to jazz you up and get you started on an amazing quest.

History is just this cool and worthwhile, I'd say.


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