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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Flu Season

This old boy is 'bout as sick as they come, and I ain't alone.

Flu is sweeping through my apartment building, where one small elevator services one-hundred bodies.

No wonder.

I've been in bed most of the past two days.  I can't do that any longer.  My case came on Tuesday night like a murderous plague, circa 1700.

Here is what should happen with Obamacare.  Call the doc and a nurse brings you antibiotics.  She is stunningly attractive and sits at your bedside, occasionally touching your forehead to see if the fever has broken.

When you tell her you are in love with her she rubs your neck and shoulders and says you will be well by morning.  She induces sleep, cooing into your ear.

When morning comes, she is gone.  But you have recovered.

I am delirious!  O the suffering and indignity of it all!

Fluids.  Drink lots of fluids.


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