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Monday, December 2, 2013

Is it Time to Watch the Blazers?

(2012 ROY, Damian Lillard played his college ball at Weber State of the Big Sky Conference)

The Blazers are kind of entertaining this year.  Made some nice deals in the off-season to provide depth.  They play Indiana tonight, and if I'm not mistaken, the Pacers have the best record in the NBA.

It's early, but the Blazers have started well (14-3), and beat the Lakers last night (sans Kobe).

Not bad for a bunch of "overgrown pituitary cases," as my old friend Rob Vukovic used to say with an air of righteous contempt.

I always thought it would be wonderful to be 7 ft. tall and able to stand up and walk.  A guy like that would have a good shot at becoming a millionaire just for showing up to work every night.

But there are a few guys my height who play in the NBA, so they must have something going on for them. One of the best point guards to ever play was just over 6 ft., John Stockton.

I saw that guy play in college for Gonzaga.  He didn't even look quick, either.  Just played a good, solid floor game, great vision, great passer.  Plus he could shoot it.

If I couldn't be 7 ft., I always thought it might be fun to be under 5 ft. and weigh in around 109, which is jockey-sized, and what could be more fun than riding a horse around an oval track at breakneck speed, again with the opportunity to make millions?

Now that college football is winding down, I'm looking for distractions, I guess. Futbol won't do it for me, that is for sure.

The Clyde Drexler-era Blazers were dynamic.  Maybe Portland is on the way to duplicating that level of play and excitement.

Nah, probably not...


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