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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Uh Oh

Oregon getting manhandled.  In a size 14 hole, largest of the season.

My hope is fading.

Oregon, Thomas, fumbles in the red zone.  O shit.  Stanford very physical, attacking the ball.

Hogan is brilliant tonight, outplaying Mariota by a long shot.

Meanwhile, Baylor is rocking the Okies.

Stanford is readying to score again.  This is the worst game Oregon has played in six years.  I'm sad.

Pass interference.  Extends the quarter.  Really stupid.  Now Stanford is going for it!  No, they change their minds.  Field goal attempt.

17-0 at the half.  Unbelievable.  Shaw actually ran one play too many then, but was bailed out by the PI. Oregon is awful tonight.  I don't think you can say Oregon wasn't ready to play this game. You must admit that Stanford is meaner. Smash mouth.   Hard to believe the Cardinal lost to Utah.

Maybe they'll be the number 1 one loss team before it's over and play FSU or Baylor in the title game. Be nice to have a PAC team in the CG again.  Alabama has to lose, of course, which is why I want to watch the Tide's game with LSU Saturday.

At this point, Oregon is a pretender.  We'll see what the 2nd half brings, but this is a helluva hole against Stanford's power running game.

Mariota is hurt.  He has been for the past two weeks.  Check out that knee brace.  He tweaked that bad baby just now and fumbled again.

Game.  Set.  Match.

I probably won't live to see my Ducks win a national championship. This had to be the year, though in hindsight you could say last year was the optimal chance.

I rarely use this word, but fuck.


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