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Friday, November 29, 2013

Double Bill

I can't recall whether it ever happened when I went to school in Eugene many moons ago that the Ducks' basketball team played a game at noon prior to kickoff of the Civil War in the early evening.

Probably not.

But such a double-sports bill is happening today in Eugene.

Had I quite a bit more discretionary income, I'd go for something like this, naturally.  Eugene is definitely Ducksville today, the place to be if you like your teams.

Oregon might be pretty good in basketball again this season, too, though Arsalan Kazemi's rebounding is sorely missed, covered for so far by outstanding team shooting.

We'll see how that works out against UCLA and Arizona this year.

Kasemi, after being drafted by the NBA, decided to return to Iran to play this season.  Can't blame him. The US is kind of crazy right now.

Might be a good idea to be with your family in case Israel nukes you as well.


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