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Friday, November 29, 2013

Civil War at 4 p.m.

(State trooper on the lookout for speeders headed to Eugene)

Oregon has had trouble on the road recently, but the CW is in Eugene this evening, so the Ducks ought to win.

That's what rational people would think, and the odds-makers have Oregon by three TDs.

But the game can sometimes ruin rationality; look what happened after Oregon's loss to Arizona last weekend.

That sound you heard in the distance was a lot of Oregon fans falling off the bandwagon--Kaaaaaathump! Combined with the chortling of the anti-Duck forces out there the noise reached cacophony levels.

Like it really matters...

A lot of the Ducks are dinged up, I know that.  I'm sure OSU is hurting physically as well, but I don't know that because I don't follow the Beavs as closely as I do Oregon.

The CW has always been entertaining for me, even in the years when both schools sucked bad.  I watched the infamous Toilet Bowl in 1983.  Every boring, ineffectual down of it.

Final score that year: 0-0.

Ties are not a part of college ball anymore, so the game has that going for it if nothing else.  One of the teams will actually win the thing.

That in itself will excite some, including me--but only if Oregon wins.


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