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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Corporate Football

(Salad Bowl, Corvallis)

Regarding my post below, there are observers who simply want Oregon to lose because Nike sponsors the school's athletic programs.

Not exactly the topic of my short piece, but I would say one can't fight those sentiments--they are in fact self-evident and one can't be blamed for going there.

There is much to be said for taking corporations out of college football, but it likely won't happen because FBS football is big business and, sorry as it is, corporations rule America.

There isn't a football program in the country, big or small, that hasn't some level of corporate sponsorship. Oregon State has the Reser family, the makers of bad potato salad.  Okie State has T. Boone Pickens, oilman.

Oregon had Thomas J. Autzen,  a lumberjack, before Mr. Knight.

I wish Nike would go away also.   Along with Condi Rice at Stanford, who ought to be on trial for complicity in genocide.  In fact, of the Stanford grads, I favor Phil, who simply exploits Third World workers. Seems more benign, barely.

Secretly, I want every privately endowed university in the land to go tits up because I'm tired of the class war.

Now, tell me George W. Bush got into Harvard on merit alone.

Heh, heh, heh...


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