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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oregon Wins Something

I watched a little college hoops last night.

Duke has a freshman named Jabari Parker, and the kid is really good. He's from Simeon in Chicago, same prep school Derrick Rose went to.

Oregon beat Patrick Ewing's old school last night in a game played in front of just two-thousand occupying troops in South Korea. One presumes the rest of the troops either couldn't pull tickets or were out saving the West from the evil of poor people.

Go USA!  Rah, rah!

The Ducks looked pretty good while playing without two of their best players who have been suspended for selling some of their free Oregon swag on eBay.

The NCAA frowns on that.  Oregon self-reported, the kids are suspended for nine games.  Seems fair, right?

Both teams looked pretty bad in their camo unis designed by, who else, Nike.  Be tempting to sell those on eBay as well, but we now know you can't get away with trying to make a buck if you're a college basketball player under the scrutiny of rich white men.

That's right.  The same men who think it's a swell idea to plant US troops all around the world to protect their riches.

Gotta keep the kids poor, you know?  Keep the chattel system alive to enrich the overlords.  Support the troops and US imperialism with a little round ball.

It all makes sense to me.


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