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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ho Hum

Alabama pulls away and looks impressive doing it, thanks to yet another great running back in the Tide lineage--T.J. Yeldon.

Would help if LSU had a decent QB, however.  Their guy had time to throw and open receivers early in the game, but later he missed his opportunities. He couldn't run or throw the ball away to avoid the sack.

He looked like Sean Mannion out there.

Credit Alabama's improving defense, but really, LSU is inept offensively. Have been all year and now the Tigers have three losses.

Pretty bad, and sad for Stanford, which needed an Alabama loss to move up.

FSU isn't going to lose in the weak ACC (Duke is 7-2).  Alabama probably won't lose, either.

I'd venture the NCG is set.

Meanwhile, UCLA has its hands full with Arizona.  The PAC has more balance than the other leagues, but Alabama is the best team in the country.

UCLA is using defensive stars on the offensive side of the ball, something that hasn't happened since the sixties.  Quirky, but also indicative of the Bruins' injuries and poor depth.   Have wondered for years why more short-handed teams don't do this.

ASU pulled out a squeaker against Utah.  Looks like either UCLA or ASU will get a chance at Stanford in the PAC championship. Yet, USC beat up on Cal, for what that is worth.

Maybe the battle of L.A. will mean something this year?

FSU and Alabama will be a good game, but my interest is fading.  I don't care about those teams, and neither should you.

Until an eight-team playoff happens, it's all bullshit.


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