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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


My cellphone rings from somewhere in my room and I remember the phone is in my coat pocket and I fumble for it because I always fumble with my small phone, and I guess this is because I am old- fashioned and still cannot get used to the cellphone's tiny dimensions, and I have fat fingers to begin with and I am half asleep as well and a little out of sorts, with much on my mind, distracted you could say, and a little overwhelmed by it all, including a sickness that seems to be coming on, and just a general malaise or ennui or worse, and so the phone rings and I pick it up, fumble it, open it, and before I can say "hello" a voice is telling me that I've just won an opportunity to visit Orlando on a "dream vacation," and of course this is an automated voice and I do not want to stay on the line and listen because I'm not interested in a corporate-sponsored tour to Orlando and I'm definitely not going to jump through whatever hoops the automated voice is about to describe, and so I flip my phone shut and try to return to the reading I was doing when the phone rang, and then I start to think about it, wondering why this sort of thing happens day after day to me or to someone else and I realize how annoyed I have become by the trash that is so dominant in our society and the constant selling and the will to go along with it, and frankly the stupidity inherent in all of it and how it seems to be growing harder and harder to fight back, to resist, and it all makes you want to shout, "shut the fuck up you mindless fucking morons, and leave me the fuck alone."


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