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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rumor Central

A rumor is circulating on the football boards that Oregon will don pink helmets this weekend in recognition of breast cancer awareness month.

I was hoping it would not come to this.

Gonna be ugly if it is true.  I have the same reaction to the ubiquitous football pink you see everywhere this time of year that I have to the blue field at Boise State.  I get sick looking at the colors, literally.  I'm not kidding, they make me nauseous.

Besides, it is wrong, wrong, wrong for other reasons.

I'm all for fighting cancer, but turning football into a mass-mind charity like the NFL has, wherein it keeps too much of the profits from selling the pink anti-cancer merchandise, is just another business ruse, a play on the sentimental in US society, like a fly-over of jet fighters before a bowl game.

Besides, being fashion conscious as I am, I know pink clashes with Oregon green--I will get sick if this happens.  For me, the colors that usually dominate college football are part of the game's charm; pink will annihilate that.

This is an unnecessary distraction for the team and fans like me who deplore pink.  If you must make this show of communion with the annual fundraiser, be tasteful for gawd's sake.

Wear a pink ribbon on your chest and call it a day.

This whole deal is, in short, idiotic.  But this is America.


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