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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Beaverton, Ha Ha...

I just saw an ad pop up as I was browsing a story online and it struck me as funny: Retire in Beaverton!, it exclaimed.

I live in Portland.  Beaverton is an incorporated city nearby, home to Nike Empire and other notable companies.  It is a sprawling community of single-family homes and a barely identifiable downtown core dominated by car lots and small businesses peddling the quaint and insignificant.

It's a bedroom community, striving to identify as something else, something more localized.

The auto rules the place; its streets are wide and unfriendly.  To walk there is to stroll in a concrete desert. In short, Beaverton has a lot to offer as a workplace, but a couple of freeways and space-eating commuter roadways gut its essence and make it particularly unappealing to the eye and soul--not to mention walkers.

The planners messed it up years ago, creating a plainly unattractive Nowheresville.

It hasn't anything to offer, though it is serviced in part by Tri-Met's trains and buses, which is not enough to entice.

Retire in Beaverton!

Good lord, no way!


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