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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Give Me Eight

What the big boys say--being Gemmell and Miller at ESPN.

They're pretty much together on all but one of their picks. Gemmell has WSU beating OSU in what should be a very entertaining passfest. I'll go with WSU as well, just a hunch because the game is in Pullman.

Expert as they are, they both take Oregon.  I take Oregon, and keep my fingers crossed.

An Oregon loss this weekend wouldn't be as crushing as last year's late-season OT loss to Stanford at Autzen--nothing is comparable to that in my experience, not even the loss to Auburn in the 2011 NC game.

At Washington this weekend a loss would hurt just a little bit, but I take Oregon by a TD.  This season is young, with the tough games acomin.'

Is Oregon any good?  Remember, they haven't played anybody.

Will the Lyerla fiasco count for anything?

Last year, after Stanford, I couldn't get out of bed for a week, so saddened was I by the blown opportunity. Oregon was ranked number 1 going into the game and poised for a shot at Notre Dame.

Oregon flat out wilted and Chip Kelly didn't help matters by constantly, stubbornly, maddeningly running plays to Stanford's strength--its D-line.

Oregon needed  to attempt to pass more.  Kelly went all conservative like Rick Santorum.

Woe is me...

Notre Dame used its lucky charms to play in the championship game, the ridiculous result of a computerized system fueled by money and tradition and which hadn't anything at all to do with the relative strengths of the teams at the top of college football.

Welcome to this year's crappy system--same as it ever was--the last before a four team playoff commences next year, which btw is still a crock.

And not solely because Condi Rice, that bright moron, may be involved.

Eight or bust.

Eight, I say.


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