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Monday, October 7, 2013

Colt vs. Oregon

Of late I haven't been wrong about much in my thinking. Sometimes I amaze myself.  I'm really a lot brighter than Dooley gives me credit for. On Friday, I wrote this regarding Oregon's football team and what I see as its stellar team cohesion and mentality:

You never really know, because so much of it is hidden from public view, but it seems like Oregon has a great mentality this season.  A cohesiveness and team concept that is sterling.  It's pretty clear that Oregon's style is to tell its kids that hard work is mandatory inside the program.  If you can't do that, pack your bags. An interesting aspect of any program you follow is to watch the end of the season and see who disappears and ascertain why. Many kids don't like to sit on the bench in college after being stars in high school, so attrition plays into the game. Some simply decide college isn't for them.

We didn't have to wait for the end of the season, did we?  Sunday, Colt Lyerla quit, packed his bags.  One, he didn't abide by the Oregon credo of hard work all the time.  Two, college was the wrong place for him.

This hurts the team for now, but it is best for the program going forward.

Ted Miller agrees with me because he works for ESPN and I work for Round Bend Press.


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