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Monday, October 14, 2013


It's Monday morning, another epic weekend has passed, and I am already looking forward to the next one.

Take a peek at the above video, courtesy of the Wines Family blog, and you'll very well understand.

You ask--am I living vicariously through my football team?

Of course not (cough).

My goodness, I was so nervous Saturday.  Charles "Chuckie" Lucas and I gathered our pom-poms and a couple of cold brews, parked ourselves in front of my computer, and streamed the beauteous thing that happened in Seattle Saturday afternoon.

It didn't start well.

When Keanon Lowe dropped a sure-fire TD pass on Marcus Mariota's first throw of the day I just about came unglued, and a menage of horrific images filled my head.

Lucas calmed me down, noting that the Tigers/Sox game later in the evening might be more meaningful, and, er, entertaining.

Spoken like a Chicagoan who haunted Wrigley Field as a kid and has known heartbreak and futility all his life. Yet I did not want to go there.

The Ducks needed three tries and three video replays to gain a yard before the man upstairs (in the replay booth) answered my prayers.  A first TD!

And then Josh Huff appeared to be seriously injured in the first quarter.  Not good, not good at all.

But there he was in the second-half!  Hauling in a long pass from Mariota to answer the marvelous Bishop Sankey.

Just wow...

What happened?  Phil Knight must have intervened, laid hands upon the stricken.

Yeah, that's it...


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