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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I've been waiting, pondering, musing and otherwise trying to connect with my football instincts.  I think I've settled on a kind of knowing, a certain confidence that I am a fully capable prognosticator.

I wanted to get a sense of the atmospheric conditions surrounding Oregon and Oregon State as they prepare for big games this weekend with UCLA and Stanford respectively.

This is Wednesday, ordinarily too early in the week to spill the beans, but I feel I know how these games will turn out.  Like the weather outside, all is bright and embracing if you're an Oregonian with ties to either school.

Football fans in Oregon will be pleased. This weekend is going to be special, whether you are a die-hard Duck or a boastful Beaver.

I know a few Bruin fans who won't like what is going to happen Saturday, but I'm sorry. Despite my initial trepidation, I now believe Oregon will beat UCLA--perhaps not by the three TDs the touts in Vegas are evincing, but Oregon will win.

That is not perhaps a shocking pick--but here I pick up my game.

I think Mannion and Cooks will pass Stanford silly Saturday in Corvallis.  Upset city.

In any case, I'm primed and ready for what should be a great day.

Now, if Tennessee could somehow knock off Alabama...


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