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Thursday, May 19, 2016

View from The Hill

Bernie Sanders is suddenly facing a barrage of criticism from liberal commentators.

As the fallout from last weekend’s Nevada Democratic convention spreads, sharply critical pieces about the White House hopeful and his campaign have appeared in progressive outlets such as Mother Jones, Talking Points Memo and Daily Kos within the past 48 hours. 

The Sanders campaign has also taken hits from progressive CNN contributor Sally Kohn, who endorsed the Vermont senator from the stage at a massive rally in New York City just before the Empire State’s April primary. 

Kohn wrote an article published Wednesday for Time magazine that was headlined, “I felt the Bern but the Bros are extinguishing the flames.”

The fact that the criticism is coming from left-leaning sources makes it more difficult for Sanders supporters to rebut it.--NS

The article gets something wrong; left-leaning liberals haven't ever really backed Sanders to the degree the author claims, because they simply never thought he was a real socialist (and they're right about that).  All any of them said, among the most evocative left-leaning radicals, including Chomsky, is that even as a watered down socialistic thinker--that is an old-fashioned New Dealer--he was the best candidate in the race.

So I don't find it difficult at all to rebut the idea that we must support Clinton now.  The author probably doesn't know what a "left-leaning" liberal looks like, much less sounds like.

To me it would be justice and gift to America if Sanders' supporters go all the way to the convention with him and then stay at home or turn to Trump in the GE.

All the Hillary-loving saps, as well as the entire racist, jingoistic, conforming mob could then have what they deserve--Trumpism.  A number of polls indicate Trump can beat Clinton.  He'd wipe her out if the Sandernistas stayed home.

If liberals are anything, it is two-faced. Since when is a little rudeness in Nevada a worse thing than Hillary's imperialism?  Liberals are fine with bombs falling on innocents.  It is the damn unrefined Bernie supporters that are problematic.

Jesus, how stupid...

There is no more time for compromise, as Hedges says, insisting on a complete revolution.

So I say stay home, I am.  Let's advance the chaos to the point unto which a real revolution is debated--via an even more profound rejection of the status quo.

I read something today that said Hillary has already pulled the terror card, claiming terrorist acts like yesterday's Egyptair tragedy wouldn't happen under her watch.  She knows how to deal with it.

Right.  Fear mongering at its best, wrapped and tied with a nice bow for all the suckers.

Say now, isn't that a better deal than Trump's wall?  We can't lose. I feel safer already!

So goes the thinking of the pro-Hillary mob.


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