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Friday, May 27, 2016

Breaking Away (for now)

All in all I'd say it's been a productive month of free binge Netflix-watching for me, even as I stay as routinely productive as I always have been, ahem.

I ran through all five seasons of Breaking Bad, finally, and then watched the first season of its prequel, Better Call Saul.  I liked the latter better, but they're both good. BCS won't be on Netflix this season.  Sony Entertainment owns that baby now, and they don't share with no stinking Netflix.

Then I picked up on the final seven episodes of Mad Men, from that show's final split season, which I hadn't seen.  At seven seasons in length, the series finally lost much of its luster for me, but like every other nitwit in the teeming TV-watching populous I had to see how it all ended. Had to know.  I'd heard some things, obviously, but enough remained fresh to entertain me.

Finally, I watched a couple of documentaries and then dug into the first and only season (as of yet) of Narcos, which is, like the preposterous House of Cards, a Netflix original.  A loose reconstruction of the life of Pablo Escobar, I liked it a lot.

Confession here:  I watched a few more episodes of HoC, and if I may be allowed to demonstrate that I am but a shallow pig for a moment (and what TV watcher is not), I find Robin Wright quite pleasant to watch.  Kevin Spacey is a great actor as well, but as I say the entire program is hokey.  Wright and Spacey carry the show beyond its means.

Today, my discovery from last year--actually over a year ago--Bloodline, yet another original, begins its second season. But alas this is the final day of my trial.  Netflix, which knows exactly what I am doing from moment to moment, won't allow me to sneak that one in today.

The jokers want me to pay for another month.  How did they know I would go for such an obvious ruse?

I'll start on payday next week.


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