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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fuck the WaPo, Read CP

Why do the big-media Clinton backers want Bernie Sanders to stop campaigning?  What are they afraid of?

In days past the MSM at least pretended to be impartial and "balanced."

These days they have about the same neutrality as Pravda had in the Soviet Union.

Long live the Fourth Estate!  Oops, it has been dead for a long time now.

Man, it has been a particular ache of the Washington Post, which produces story after story chastising Sanders for not walking away.

In this one they want Hillary to sing it louder, babe, while calling Bernie a bad, bad boy.

Is this the way the Post's editors get off, being spanked by harlots of a violent nature?  Please bring the whip, Hillary.  Use it on Bernie and then on me, please, please!

They act as if Sanders doesn't know that he doesn't have a realistic shot at the nomination.  People have taken to calling him stupid and arrogant and bah, blah, blah.

What, is he some kind of different politician than all the others, who are stupid, arrogant and blah, blah, blah?

Jesus, this is politics not a coronation.  Sanders is stringing it out because he can.  He's doing it because his supporters want him to. What difference should it make for the Clintonites, including the Post?  They're worried about Trump?

Who cares?

We all know what the point is in the Post's and the other big-media's thinking.  We know a leftist movement is a dangerous thing from their POV.

Why in their minds is it bad for Bernie to hang around?

They don't want to acknowledge the reality that it is not so much about this election as it is mobilization, a future curveball in political consciousness that the MSM can't hit and abhors.

So it might be time to put the Post and the NYT down and read the sublime Weekend Edition of CounterPunch.  It's big, it's yuge, it's beautiful.

I have a piece there as well, a workup of something I started here on Wed.


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