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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stars Aligning

Some big basketball news out of Eugene.

A new NCAA rule lets college players explore professional options; as long as they don't sign with an agent the college stars can return to school.  The players are free to discuss the future with NBA, as well as European leagues' brass and assess their real chances of success.

Two of Oregon's best players from its Elite Eight team of last season have decided to stay in school and not pursue their NBA dreams at this time.

Dillon Brooks and Tyler Dorsey, who didn't play well against Oklahoma and Buddy Hield in March Madness, demonstrating that they thus far aren't professional-ready, made the rounds with the pro teams and learned the opinions weren't favorable--yet.

With today's deadline to enter the draft or return to school, both Ducks did the sensible thing and announced they'll return.

Since they still only play the games with one ball, you'll likely see a couple of transfers now as some very good players won't have the minutes they'll need to remain happy in Eugene, particularly if Oregon's 2016 recruits are as good as advertised.

Oregon is a projected Top-5 team by NBC.


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