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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump Will Be Impeached (and Convicted)

Cokie bemoaned Trump’s dissing of the intel agencies and also his stated desire to develop friendly relations with Russia, saying, “This country has had a consistent policy for 70 years towards the Soviet Union and Russia, and Trump is trying to undo that.”

Think about that for a moment. On one level, the long-time NPR commentator is right: US policy towards the government in Moscow has been remarkably consistent — and hostile — for 70 years, albeit with a few brief periods of at least relative friendliness, as during the early and mid 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But that gets to the other point: There was, recall, a fundamental change that happened in 1989-90, when the Communist state founded in the Russian Revolution of 1917 collapsed, and the Soviet Union splintered into Russia and a bunch of smaller countries — former Soviets in the old empire — including Byelorussia, Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and a bunch of stans in Central Asia. --DL

Spelled out for the hysterical.  Cokie Roberts is a moron, NPR is dull.

My take:  A Palace coup will give us Pence, and make Bush look liberal, and the mainstream Republican Congress will be pleased as punch. Trump's ego will spur him to a trial rather than resignation, and he will be convicted!

Alas and woe, Pence will then pardon him.

The Dems will fall in line, relieved that the menace is gone, and everything will return to normal. In four years, they'll put up another neoliberal friend of the MIC and the war machine; a love made to last.  No phony rightists.  No phony leftists.  Dead center corporatists on a mission, the final frontier of global conquest with another 800 military installations around the world.

Rinse and repeat.  Identity politics and fear fusing in a godawful destruction of sanity.

If a real social democrat (democratic socialist) doesn't emerge, we'll all die laughing under Condi's mushroom cloud.  This time it will be very real.

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