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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hoops Action

Some serious hoops action to watch today as I struggle with the blues.

The Kentucky/Kansas showdown starts at 3:30, and I'll certainly watch for the pure pleasure of seeing Kansas kill John Calipari's team.

Tonight, Oregon goes for its 18th straight against Colorado.  About this one I'll say, no soccer-like flops please, and no kicking some poor guy in the balls again.

Who do you think you are?  Duke?

Speaking of which, how about it Wake Forest?  Just underway.

UPDATE: Damn it, Luke Kennard is too good, saved Duke's bacon in the 2nd half and Danny Manning's Deacons fall...

Good news, a couple of others ahead of Oregon fell today.  We hope Oregon beats Colorado and moves up a couple of notches, not that it matters as much as the experts would try to make you believe.

If you're a 5 seed in the tourney (Oregon won't be any lower than that no matter what happens) and you win them all you're then the NCAA Champion.

As opposed to college football's phony final-four "playoff," hand-picked by idiots like Condi Rice.

Goddamn:  Oregon can't beat Colorado in Boulder, lose by 9 tonight. I blame it on altitude, ha! Seven losses in a row.

Ducks now at 19-3.  Home against the Arizonas next week.  Better be sharper or things could suck.


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