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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hoops Tonight!

Play things right and have streaming luck I'll watch Baylor v. West Virginia and still be able to catch the Duke v. FSU contest tonight.

Left out, Kentucky.  I'm tired of Kentucky.

Or I could go for Xavier v. Villanova.

Actually, I'm tired of Duke too, but there's always a chance that Grayson Allen will trip someone just for the hell of it, which is entertainment in and of itself.

Good to see Alabama lose last night as well, though Dabo Swinney is sort of a clown character.

UPDATES:  Baylor knocked off by WVU.  Villanova strong in the 2nd downing X-College.  FSU crushes Duke.

If you haven't seen FSU, do so.  Leaping Lizards!  Could challenge, but this campaign is wide open.

Haven't checked on KY yet, probably won't.


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