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Friday, July 15, 2016

The Optimist Nears the End

The prez hasn't failed because he's black in racist America, or a Muslim born in Kenya, or isn't tough enough on "terrorism."

He hasn't failed because of his utter faith in drone technology and empty rhetoric.

He hasn't failed because the world is filled with bad apples and he's picking and choosing which ones to murder with a delicate hand.

He hasn't failed because he copied the Massachusetts health care system of Mitt Romney and called it the Affordable Care Act.

He hasn't failed because he's a socialist (that would be too much to hope for).

He hasn't failed because he's left handed or gone grey like they all do (except Reagan who kept Grecian Formula near his bed).

He hasn't failed because Congress booby traps his best causes.

He hasn't failed because Guantanamo is still open or because his NSA is out of control or because aliens from Mexico and others from ISIS and the beyond are coming after us.

He hasn't failed because he's a Democrat in the duopoly and a learned oligarch.

He hasn't failed because his jokes fall flat.

He hasn't failed because of Benghazi or the Crimea or because his foreign policy is "weak." (I don't understand why the right deplores the prez; he strikes me as one of "them."  He's good at killing people he dislikes.)

He hasn't failed because of Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen or Iraq, nor all of Latin America.

He hasn't failed because he talked to Iran rather than blowing it to smithereens.

He hasn't failed because the economy is bad and people are jobless (it's actually better than it was and about where the bankers want it, the rich are doing fine).

He hasn't failed because of the national debt, Wall Street or the military-industrial complex.

He hasn't failed for a lot of reasons, all of them optimistic, none of them real.


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