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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The HuffPost is the Hack Post

The Huffington Post has to be the world's worst website with the poorest content around.

Big news events such as the massacre in Nice last night are given huge headlines.  Fine. The New York Post-like, yellow-journalism quality of the presentation is insufferable, but expected.

But then sub-groupings of what you're led to believe are specifics about the story are written in smaller font, enticing you with what appears to be new, updated news; but guess what, those links take you to the same main story!

The HuffPost is all headlines.  The content is lacking, unless you're interested in gossip, which I'm not.

Not the first time I've noticed this, but this piece of shit gives other semi-aggregate websites a bad name and needs to fail.

Maybe I'll discover a new diet regimen out of the HP website.  That's about all one can hope for.

Want to know why news reporting, indeed journalism in general, is suffering these days?

HP's biggest drawback is that it is trying to be all things to all people. The task has overwhelmed the website.


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