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Friday, July 8, 2016

Standard Logic

To those too young or too stupid to remember, I offer two words that should scare the crap out of any potential Jill Stein voter: Ralph Nader. Thank you, Ralph, for causing eight years of the-worst-president-in-the-republic's-history. Don't be an idiot!--Spear03 in a Guardian comment.

Here is an example of a fallacious extrapolation that is all too common among the sheep in the Democratic Party these days, the sniveling brats who want "unity" without paying for it.   There are several reasons why Spear03 is dead wrong, and shallow, and ludicrous.

First, he presumes that Nader voters would have automatically voted for Gore had Nader not been on the ballot. It's more likely that they would have simply not voted and in some cases may have even voted Bush.  How would that have guaranteed a Gore victory?  Plainly, a lot of people detested Gore in the same way they detest Hillary Clinton, and for similar reasons.

Second, he doesn't mention that Gore is a pussy and a neoliberal corporate shill, again like Hillary. In other words, Gore wasn't good enough to win a clear majority of voters against even a dynastic clown.  That's on him, not the voters whom he bored to death with his own stupidites.

Third, Spear's comment stinks of rank "lesser-evilism," which is exactly how the financial elites like it.

And just for the hell of it, why not blame the 2000 election on the Supreme Court?  Or the "hanging chads," or the weather?  But most importantly, why not name the people who voted for Bush to blame?

All together now, who is calling whom an idiot?

Here is how one John Wilson smartly answered the arrogant Spear:

So in the Guardian's polling Sander's supporters are expected to vote for Clinton. Well they didn't ask me. I would never vote for the hideous woman. I'd rather just not vote. But this really does raise a great possibility by Stein. I hope Bernie goes for it. And please don't talk about the crap about Nader splitting the vote. I voted for Nader because he was also a good man and that's my choice because that's what democracy is all about. It's not about having to vote for one evil Wall St warmonger so to keep some racial bigot out. Neither of them should be on the ticket anyway.

There it is.  Quit blaming leftists for the fucked-up mess. They've never held real power in this country.


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